I used to be frozenmeal

Hi I'm Julia I'm 17 and I'm obsessed with alternative rock and rhcp and ok go also Tyler hancljob is my prince and Ingrid inigrd is my favorite minion
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why the fuck are bras so expensive they’re just bOOB HOLDERS

i mean hell i’ll do that for free

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i survive on a diet wholly consistent of snatched weaves and basic bitches

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I remember in 7th grade a girl told me she was quadsexual and was attracted to boys, girls, animals, and plants

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the sexual tension between tumblr users and the comic sans font

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first michael jackson and now neil armstrong wow i guess god’s not a fan of moonwalkers

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next time someone says “sue me” be quirky and cool and file an actual lawsuit against them

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was that a lowercase “L” or a capital “i” youll never know

or maybe it was a 1

no nevermind it wasnt a 1

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I hate when a girl in an attempt to describe something delicious and says “it’s like sex in my mouth.” Bitch quit playin you know you hate mouth sex.

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click and drag

u now have an actual ghost haunting ur dash ooo

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“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift is my favorite song about post-1945 tensions between North and South Korea.

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spa would be pronounced the same if u spelled it sba

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Do cheerleaders actually wear their uniforms to school all the time like they do in movies and on tv?




is there a dragon tales fandom i can join

what is it with you and dragon tales

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real men cover their hands in super glue and needles before jerking off

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Cosmo sex tip #578


When he says ” Who’s your daddy” say your actual fathers’ name.

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